Nelly Johansson's 38th collection, "Nocturnal," is a testament to her moody and elegant aesthetic. At 65 years old, Johansson continues to deliver her signature style, described as "silent, authentic, underground and dark chic," together with the creative director, Carl Ivar.

The collection features organic, fresh and cooling linen tops, shimmering and dry silk in grey tones, calmly arousing cupro linings, cordovan leather, cashmere, and merino knits. These pieces, which are made from the finest fabric knitter in the world, Toki-Sen in Osaka, are handcrafted and made from recycled materials.

Model Martina Menfors, a local techno DJ and friend of Carl Ivar, showcases the collection in the photoshoot. Menfors is also affiliated with Streck Studio, a digital and vinyl record label and rave organization based in Gothenburg.

As Johansson states, "Opposites attract. Night and day brings out different personas from us." This sentiment is reflected in the collection, which seamlessly blends contrasting elements to create a unique and striking aesthetic.



A luxury atelier based in Sweden that creates fashion pieces by hand. The focus on craftsmanship, attention to detail, and high-quality materials is to be unmatched.


Offers a wide range of women's and unisex pieces, ready to wear, leather, bags and shoes.


Nelly started her eponymous label in 2004 at the age of 40, launched it in Düsseldorf and quickly gained a fan base of cultural elites, workers, artists, and independent businesswomen from all around the world. She is known for her aesthetic, precise yet playful women's suits and tailoring, praised sizing and comfort language, and impeccable taste in materials and textures. Her vast, playful designs and oversized silhouettes have garnered both critical acclaim and admiration, as well as criticism and hate.


Nelly has been honing her tailoring and design skills since she was nine years old, and has inspired and amazed many with her passion, including her son, who at the age of ten also decided to become a fashion designer. They now run the atelier together.


"We treat our products with dignity and repurpose every item made, and we use every meter bought. Our pieces are made to last in style and duration for decades and are thoroughly thought of and made with materials that age and distress well from usage and washing. Our signature patterns will be available if desired, and not produced based on hope."