I truly believe that life is the ultimate form of art. Our mission here on earth is to embrace the heart, body and soul. Both the ones of ourselves, and those of others. We are here to learn, create and share from, and with, one another. And to realize that the greatness of it all often lies within the smallest of a moment.

The balance in life all comes down to honesty and humanity. The human soul is exclusive, yet to some extent unanimous, as I see it. We learn, explore and change from our different conditions. And without our differences we would not be able to be as creative as we are.

To me fashion is more of a lifestyle than anything else. With a good essence to pick lessons from in our day-to-day life. Fashion of today has a genuinely global language. I see no borders for the appreciation of our different cultural inheritance in that field. It is my hope that will spread far beyond the fashion industry.

The philosophy upon my design is foremost that it has to be comfortable and be worn in a personal style. It is the person carrying my outfits making them fashionable, not the other way around. The core in my personal life is my family. And my desire is to build a stimulating business, where also my children in the future can discharge their own creativity.

Also true friendship is of utmost importance in life, something I really have been blessed with. Having that said, I must admit I also need a lot of solitude. When I am in the midst of creating a collection I become almost antisocial. A bit of a loner. So, as with most things in life, I believe you have to do your best and take it all for better and for worse. My best bet for a personal success is to be genuine, honest, creative and caring.