2024-2025 lookbook

Photographed and styled under the creative direction of Carl Ivar. A lookbook that captures Nelly Johanssons design across personal settings.

From Nelly's home as a reportage, to the studio with techno DJ Martina Menfors, and from the rugged shore in rough weather to the intimacy of Nelly's car,ach location reflects the collection to our daily settings. A pure concept of our vision.

Casting was open for all people and we selected Marhyrta with Ukrainian heritage and Angelica with Congolese roots. Shot with a 35mm camera, raw with editorial and campaign focus in mind.

As always, mixed with our love of black and white, our collection comes to life against the backdrop of the first day of spring, at the beach and our most beloved cafe in Gothenburg.

Inspiration: A homage to our journey and heritage, drawing inspiration from the rugged landscapes of Scandinavia and the rich history of Swedish society. Rooted in authenticity and timeless elegance, with conceptual cuts and layers, to create a deep connection to our way of making and to stick to it. With the romantic person in mind that finds happiness in catalyst rich design, unique pieces and the finest materials.

Color Palette: Anchored in pitch black and crisp white with tonal ash grey essentials, this collection's palette exudes modesty, yet keeps a vibrancy.

Silhouette: With long and elongated silhouettes, we play with proportions, offering oversized drapes and structured tailoring. From a unisex approach in superior materials to complementing our archive and future dreams alike.

Fabrics: We get goosebumps from the finest materials, including wool, cupro linen blends, cashmere, and horse leather. Our fabrics embody creative processes, with a focus on art, comfort, sustainability, and longevity. We create pieces that age beautifully and are meant to be cherished for generations.

Techniques: Hand-painted and drenched linen, tidy patchwork and novel craftsmanship contrasting tradition. Our techniques include obnoxiously treated silks, deconstruction of suits, and merged cuts as abide finishing touches.

Bags: A custom padded laptop case and file envelope in horse leather. Four unique bags handcrafted with no pattern, artisanally made by the hands of Carl and Nelly. Created in one cut, with the original leather's shape as a base for the pattern.

Accessories: Accessorized with Nelly's private silver, a tie in double-constructed leather, a faux fur-padded parka hood, a trapper hat with elongated ear pads, second-skin-tight leather sleeves, and a custom hair full leather-wrapped ponytail.

Footwear: Mules, heels, boots, and sneakers, all smeared in our own silicone recipe, dripped, covered, and painted by hand.